Odd Taxi Quotes – Meaningful Quotes From Odd Taxi Anime Series

Odd Taxi quotes from the following characters:

  • Dobu
  • Odokawa
  • Tanaka
  • Goriki
  • Shirakawa
  • Shibagaki
  • Taeko

Odd Taxi Anime Overview

At first glance, Odd taxi might look like a kid’s show that only furry people will like. However, this anime is more than just that. It had an amazing plot that would put a lot of famous anime out there to shame.

It is a murder mystery story in which our main character, a taxi driver, gets tangled up. While this anime doesn’t have much in terms of action, it is filled with other exciting events all throughout the show.

Odd Taxi tells the story of a really anti-social taxi driver with insane memory power. However, his memory of his customers is not always a good thing as it becomes the target for a criminal gang. Therefore, he gets involved with a gang and his normal taxi driver life is now at risk.

Best Odd Taxi Quotes That Will Make You Think About Things

Needless to say, having such a mature plot, this anime has several deep and meaningful quotes. Some of them might…


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